Carol Lei
Actively recruiting for full-time Product Design roles for 2022.

Product designer with many obsessions and curiosities


I came to design at the intersection of art and technology. I grew up drawing in an classical art studio, crafting origami and bracelets, and building...pillow forts mainly.

In this exhibit, see my design and art work.

Apple / Designed a no/low-code application tool

DubHacks / Designed an immersive brand experience for PNW’s largest hackathon


There was nothing better than making art on Sunday mornings. Actually I’m romanticising my studio classes, I cried before my first lesson because I was scared I would fail.

Now, I really do believe, there is nothing better than taking the time to make art on Sunday mornings.


A product designer constantly observing and learning about design, obsessed with divergent ideation grounded in user research.

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Product Design Intern → Apple, 2021
Designer → DubHacks, 2021
Product Design Intern → Outway, 2021
Designer → PUF, 2020
Product Design Lead → NEXUS UW, 2020
Design Intern → Senreve, 2019

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